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Where all started

My mother is an author and she always did her researches deep down into history. She was curious about where the ingredients come from. She believed that ancient recipes can heel & bring back health and beauty to our lives because there were no chemicals or additives at that time. She also learned cooking and baking with ancient recipes from my grandmother and my great grandmother and so on. Growing up in this family always an abundance of the finest natural ingredients.

Mom set about developing her own recipes, using as many natural ancient ingredients as possible. She made snacks for us with dates, nuts & flowers for 10 am and 4 pm and kept the rest of the ingredients to make hair and skin masks. One thing she knew for sure: These ingredients have so many health and beauty benefits.

It all started with a passion to create Persian ancient flavors and recipes with integrity and love that can nourish your body and your soul.

You could say I grew up with these recipes and it is in my blood; it's been in my family for generations. Snacks with dates, dried fruits, and nuts prepared to gather around people to spread kindness & joy.

I created TOOP to inspire you and your families to make better food choices and discover the secret beauty benefits of these ingredients. 


According to archaeological evidence, there were date palm trees in the ancient Persia since 6000 years ago. This plant because of its benefits and especially its nourishing fruit had a significant and holiness positioning among different folks and it was known as "loyalty tree". 
With dates, people used to nourish their bodies & brighten up their skins, and kings have had decorated their palaces with its palm leaves. Now, after 6000 years journey, I would like to use this authentic ingredient in our daily lifestyle.  

When you look inside the TOOP you will find the hard work. The ingredients are simple and understandable for everyone but have been chosen wisely to get the maximum mineral, fiber, protein, vitamins, and antioxidants. 

It holds the key to beautifully conditioned locks. TOOP in Persian means sphere and the doubles circle in TOOP represent the original perfection, the timelessness, the wholeness & the completion. It symbolizes the ongoing energy found in nature that can justify the essence of the product and take us to our roots that's why TOOP is about "nourish your inner goddess".

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